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Carroll Miller

Executive Producer

Tom Pick
Engineer. A 15 time Grammy award winner with much special thanks

John Pappie
Vocals, composition & arrangement, lyrics. Keyboards on Crystal Morning

Steve Thomas
Guitar, Fiddle, Longbow, Mandolin

Tom Roady
Drums and Percussion

Ron Miller
Bass on all compositions. Piano on “Everybody’s Town”

Charlie McCoy
Harmonica on “Country Blues”, “Everybody’s Town” &
“Wild, Wild Horses”

Steve Langdon
Mastering Engineer and Audio Producer

Recorded at Merit Recording Studio’s Nashville. Mastering done at Langdon Studios, El Cajon, CA. Produced by Carroll Miller, Engineered by Tom Pick. All Words and Music are under the ownership of Country Blue Music and Country Blue Publishing. Copyright© 2006-2008

Tom Roady

Steve Thomas

Ron Miller


Special Thanks

... outside of the album project go to the following individuals for their inspiration and assistance along this long path. They include Butch Dillon, Steve Langdon, Eric Lilljequist, Doc Horde, The Salvatore Brothers, Rick Lindberg, and many others who provided guidance, inspiration and insight at critical junctures of my musical life.

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